I bought Maddie some new clothes today. If you’re a regular visitor to my Flickr photostream you know that new clothes mean it’s time for another Maddie Moozer Fashion Paloozer!!! I was all jazzed up to have Maddie model her new looks: some pajamas, a skirt, a new hat. But after I pulled the first pajama shirt over her head, I really looked at her head and realized that she has a TON of hair. And if you’re a regular visitor to my blog you know that I love hair. So all plans for a fashion show were abandoned, and a new game started: Maddie Moo’s Marvelous Manes!

(Not all the names are winners.)

Anyway, this is Maddie when left to her own devices (she like to play with her hair).
au natural

All the curls are tugged out, and the knots in the back? Terrible. So I got out the comb and the No More Tangles, and we each took a turn combing her hair until it was tangle-free. And straight.
combing her own hair

Then I just went a little nuts. Maddie, it should be noted, squealed and laughed while I manipulated her hair. She LOVED it. Such a girl.
the smiles never stop.
one ponytail

what's going on behind you mom?
When I realized she had enough hair for TWO ponytails? I might have teared up a bit. SO grown up! And, girly. So I had to punk her up.
I don’t know if she looks punk rock or like some sort of modern female Alfalfa.

I can’t decide if this is a pompadour or a bad comb over. What do you think, is this look more Fonzie from “Happy Days” (AAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY) or Donald Trump ready to fight?

putting up her fists to fight

Or maybe a surfer kid giving me the hang loose shaka?

I’m going to have a lot of fun styling this kid’s hair…if I can ever get the comb out of her hand.
The Comb Trophy!