I was looking through old posts about Madeline and I came across this one, where I did her hair in a bunch of different ways. I am SO GLAD I took the time to do all that to her hair. I’d never really played with it before that, and I would have huge regrets today if I hadn’t seen what I could do with her mop of curls.

So, you can see how things came together in my head, and I decided that it was a good time to start messing with Annie’s mane. Annabel has the funniest hair. Long on top, short in the back. She has the reverse mullet!

I started with pigtails, and she looked so much like Maddie I had to smile and laugh.


Next we moved on to Annie’s favorite, The Bieber:

Bieber hair

Look at her with her pretend microphone!

Beiber Hair
baby, baby, baby OH!

Then, she demanded I fashion her hair into a poof a la Snookie.

Snookie Poof

She even has that Snookie attitude.

Next she wanted to know what it would be like to have straight hair like Mommy.

smiley straight hair

I like her better with curls.


She does, too.

All that hair styling was exhausting, so she took a nap. When she woke up? She was the Mayor of Bedhead City.

whatchoo lookin' at?

I gave up at that point, and left the hair accessories for her to do what she wanted with them.

self hair

She clearly has a lot to learn about hair.