Hi everyone! Annie here. I’m writing to you from a hotel bed in New York City. I’m just finishing up a trip with my mommy, Gramma, and Auntie Leah. We’ve had so much fun!

The first fun thing we did was fly to New York. My mommy always talks about how she hates ‘schlepping all this stuff’ at the airport but I don’t know what that means! I love airports, there are so many things to look at! I especially love planes. I don’t know what everyone complains about, I find the seats to be very roomy with plenty of leg room.

Flying Annie

I got to go with my mommy to one of the parties she threw, it was so much fun! I loved meeting all of her friends, and they all were excited to meet little old me! There were lots of cool people, but not many babies. In fact, the baby scene was pretty lame at all the parties. But I don’t need other babies to have a good time!


Another fun thing I did was go on the subway. My gramma was very concerned that I NOT! TOUCH! ANYTHING! She is no fun. Touching stuff is the best part!

Subway Annie
I really wanted to lick that silver thing.

We braved the humidity to go to the park and I got to see ducks! They seemed extremely interested in me…so interested that my mommy sped me away from them quickly while saying something about them ‘looking hungry.’

the ducks are coming!

One of my favorite things was going to FAO Schwartz! I mean, TOYS EVERYWHERE! My mommy had my Auntie Leah set me on this piano for a picture…and then right after she took it I fell over. When I cried to Daddy about it on the phone later, he told me I was tough and that made me feel better.

too cool

We also went to a candy store, where I was as happy as a kid in a toy store. Mommy caught me helping myself to candy.

helping herself to candy

I was lucky enough to get to lunch with some of the ladies. Although, I think Brittany thought I WAS lunch. She kept saying something about eating my cheeks.

The lovely Miss Barefoot Foodie and the lovely Miss Annabel Spohr.

No one told me how exhausting New York City is! I mean, sure, this was my second trip there, but man, am I tired!

Sleeping Annie

I can’t wait to come back!