This creeping crud in my lungs just refuses to go away. My voice is slowly coming back, but it sounds weird enough that Annabel looks at me funny when I speak to her. She turns up her lip as if to say, “quit sounding like daddy and talk to me normal!”

The worst part is the nasty juicy hacking cough that pops up at the most inopportune times. I have been working like crazy to get Annie back on schedule. The three-hour time difference from New York is proving quite challenging. Yesterday, she flat out refused to nap. The ONE MOMENT where she started to get droopy eyes? I coughed out a lung. When I finally straightened myself out, Annie was wiiiiide awake. No nap for her. No nap for me. NO NAPS MAKE HEATHER GO CRAZY.

When I’m sick, all I want to do is curl up on the couch, eat won ton soup, and watch reality tv reruns while I drift in and out of sleep. Unfortunately, Annie isn’t sick and finds that plan boring. So instead we play on the floor, and read, and dance, and then we pause while mama hacks out her other lung. Childhood memories for life!

Did I mention that Annie is at the separation anxiety stage? This is bad news right now because this illness requires lots of..bathroom…trips, and I put her down for those. Oh, the screaming. It makes a great situation even better!

HOW do parents survive being sick when they have a diva baby at home needing attention? At this rate I feel like I’m going to be sick forever.

Although, I DID just take some cough syrup. So what if it expired two years ago? Nothing bad could possibly happen.