So, it turns out James is a tiny exhibitionist.

It started out kind of cute. One day, James followed me into my room, saw me change my clothes, and immediately pulled off his shorts and shirt. He then grinned at me, smacked his belly, and said, “Tummy!” He was very proud of himself.

tummy tummy!

I took advantage of his ability to undress whenever it was time to put on a bathing suit or pajamas. But then he started taking his clothes off just willy nilly. I’d get him dressed to leave the house and go to grab my purse, only to turn around and see his clothes on the floor and him running away squealing.

strip show

A couple weekends ago we were getting ready to go somewhere, so I asked Mike to get James dressed to go while I got Annabel and myself ready. As I was brushing Annabel’s hair, James came streaking through the bathroom. I called out to Mike, “Hey, can you get him ready? We’re almost done!” Mike replied, “I just did!” James had decided no clothes was more fun.

Annabel thinks this is hilarious. “He’s wearing just a diaper again!” she’ll howl. She’ll always help me find his clothes, but the fact that she cracks up every time is incredibly appealing to James. He lives for her attention.

When we’re hanging out at home, I’ll usually let him stay in just his diaper, but it’s definitely a little frustrating when we’re trying to get ready to go somewhere. Annabel didn’t do this  – the kid has always loved her clothes – so I am kind of at a loss. Is this “a boy thing?” A James thing? Do I need to start getting him overalls?

At least this new hobby started during the summer.