Yesterday we took Rigby to the groomer for a much-needed haircut. Annie had gone with us to the groomer plenty of times, but this time she took an interest. “Mama, what we doing?” She asked. “Rigby is getting cleaned up!” I replied. “Oh…Rigby take a shower?” “Yes! And she’s going to get a haircut, just like Mama.” Annie nodded her head very seriously.

After we left the groomer I buckled Annie into her car seat, and that’s when she suddenly realized someone was missing. “Wait, Mama! Rigby!” I put the car in reverse while Annie yelled, “RIGBY! RIIIIGBY NOOOO!” As we drove away I explained that it was OK, we weren’t staying for Rigby’s shower and hair cut, but we’d be back soon to pick her up. This didn’t really please her. It was like a scene out of Not Without My Daughter.

I had a bunch of errands to run, and after each stop Annie would say, “Go get Rigby now?” I had to keep telling her, “No baby, not yet.” When we pulled up to our house she FLIPPED OUT. “Rigby! RIIIIIIGBY!” There were lots of tears. I was perplexed…she’d never reacted this way before.

In an attempt to chill her out, I asked Annie if she wanted to watch a Princess movie to take her mind off things. She sniffled, “No…want to watch doggie movie with Lady.” I put on “Lady and the Tramp” and when Lady came on the screen she said, “Just like Rigby…I love Rigby.” She was killing me.

After about an hour we got a call that Rigby was ready, so Mike went to pick her up. Annie and I were playing in her room when Rigby came barreling in. She jumped up and put her paws on Annie’s chest and licked her face.

“RIGBY! Oh, Rigby, so beautiful!”

I’ve never seen the two of them so happy to be with each other.

giving rigby a hug and kiss

I’m sure that will change tomorrow.