Nine months old…man, is the time flying. nine months old
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weight: 20 pounds, nine ounces
length: 29.25 inches
head: 19.5 inches
hair: Beatle Shaggy

This month has brought us a whole new side of James. He can crawl, so he’s no longer content to just hang out in one place. He’s always on the move, and if he sees something he wants, he’ll get tunnel vision and won’t stop until he gets it. It’s amazing to see that kind of focus in a little baby. Annie and I are both “Oh, something shiny!” types, but James seems to have inherited Mike’s ability to focus only on the task at hand. nine months old But, with great focus comes great frustration. James has probably cried/whined more this month than all of the other months combined. He gets very frustrated with his physical limitations, and he likes to tell us how he feels whenever he doesn’t get his way/can’t reach something/falls down. It sounds something like, “AAAAAAHgggrrrrraaaaAAAAAAH!” followed closely by Annie saying, “MOM! James is crying!!!” nine months old Sleeping has been getting…better. It basically comes down to me being too tired/busy to sleep train him right now. I need to find a weekend when we don’t have anything planned and dedicate it to James and his sleep schedule. He’s only waking up once a night now, so while it’s not unbearable, I know he could sleep through the night if I taught him how. I just have to find the time! nine months old James has started the very unfortunate habit of biting. It’s 100% done out of teething relief and curiosity, but holy crap, it HURTS. I’m not really sure how to discourage it, since he a) laughs when we yelp in pain and b) I’ve never dealt with a biter before. I do not like it – those eight teeth of his are sharp! nine months old Less than three months until his birthday! How is that even possible?!?! nine months old