Annabel…what is there to say about her this month…I think this picture sums it up.


Doesn’t she seriously look like she is about to start a fire with her mind?

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weight: 21 pounds 13 ounces
length: 28 1/2 inches tall
head: 18 inches
hair: party on the top, business in the back


In the last month, Annie has gained four more teeth, perfected crawling, learned to feed herself with her fingers, figured out how to pull up and cruise the furniture, and has had a complete and epic sleep regression. Her eyes have completed their change from blue to a greenish-hazel.

Also, she gained almost two pounds in a month. Everyone said her gaining would slow down once she started to move. Well people, she NEVER. STOPS. MOVING. And yet, she is in the 95th percentile for weight. She’s 75th-90th for head and height.

She is into everything.


And when she knocks/rips/throws/breaks something? She couldn’t be prouder of herself.

where'd they go?

The awesome news is that she has started to say some words. When she sees a picture of a baby (usually Madeline) she says “bay bay.” When she drops something or falls, she says “uh oh.” I’m working on her saying “Mama” “Dada” and “STOP BARKING RIGBY OMG.”

You know, having a kid that can move and stand up is kind of not worth it when they don’t understand when you say, “go change the channel on the TV for mama.” I really need her to start working for me, you know? This kid is just take take take.

Good thing I love her so much.