Five and a half years ago we had dinner reservations at a restaurant on the beach that I had ALWAYS wanted to go to. I was SO frazzled because the traffic that night was awful. Mike had stressed to me that we HAD to be on time for our reservation – it was Valentine’s Day and the place was booked solid. It took me twice as long as usual to get home, so I ran into the house, grabbed my clothes, and then changed in the back seat while Mike drove. Not very romantic on my part.

When we pulled up to the restaurant, Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz were outside waiting for their car. Remember when they dated? Dinner was delicious, and we had a great time talking and laughing. After we were done eating, Mike suggested that we go for a walk along the beach. We walked toward the Santa Monica Pier and when we got out on the sand Mike said all these wonderful things, then he dropped to one knee and proposed. I said yes. It was perfect.


He gave me an engagement ring with a diamond set in 18 k gold to match my Great Grandmother’s wedding band that has been passed down to me. He got the ring from my mom and took it to the jeweler to make sure it matched. I loved that he knew I had that ring, and that he realized he should bring it with him when he picked out my engagement ring. So thoughtful.

Our dating anniversary is December 16, which just so happened to fall on a Saturday in 2006. We both had time off from work then, so it was set. It was a sign.

We had fun planning our wedding. We made it uniquely “us,” and never fell into the stress-ball traps that capture so many couples. The night before our wedding we had a Karaoke party with our friends – Marry-oke, we called it. We dedicated songs to each other. It wasn’t the first time, or the last.

I woke up the day of the wedding so excited. I didn’t care that it was raining. I was getting married to my best friend! My favorite moment of the day was sitting on our bed in our hotel room after the wedding, eating the doggy-bag dinners we’d been too busy to eat. We didn’t have utensils so we ate fish and steak with our hands. And we laughed.


We’ve been together for nine years, and married for five. I can’t imagine my life without him.

Happy anniversary, Mike. Let’s keep laughing.