Maddie loves her Tia LeahLast night was the first night Mike and I went out and left Maddie with someone that wasn’t my mom. My cousin Leah came over and she was responsible for feeding Maddie and playing with her and keeping her from dying. She did a good job because when we came home Maddie seemed pretty happy and alive. Way to go Leah!

Since Mike and I were going out last night (we went to dinner and a concert), I was pretty bummed that I wasn’t going to spend much time with the baby. So he and Maddie came to visit me at work and we had lunch. We drove down to the little park outside of the Stadium and enjoyed a picnic. It was nice to spend time with both of them in the middle of the day. I miss them so much when I’m at work. We both said the only way it could have been better is if Mike had also brought Rigby. Yes, we are nerds who love our dog. Deal with it.

This morning I dropped Mike off at the airport. He’s going up to the Bay Area for our brother-in-law Sheridan’s 40th birthday. I unfortunately couldn’t go because I have to work. So Maddie is staying down here with me (her doctor said she shouldn’t fly until after her fourth-month shots!) and my mom, who is taking care of the spud while I am at the job. I’m glad that Mike gets a little mini-vacation, but I miss him so much already! I realized that we haven’t spent this much time apart in months and months – since before I was on bed rest, and maybe even before I was pregnant. It’s been so long I don’t even remember when it was! Anyway, I was sad when I dropped him off, but I saw the happiness on his face. He is thinking not of how much he’ll miss his darling wife and her indecisive, moody ways, but of all the uninterrupted sleep he will enjoy until he returns on Sunday. Whatever!