Madeline has learned some new tricks in the last few weeks. She babbles…CONSTANTLY. She replies to me about 75% of the time – and sometimes she’s rather musical about it. I managed to get a video of her answering my sounds, and one time she answered with a vocal warm up I do all. the. time. I almost dropped the camera when she did it!

I’m pretty sure Maddie already has perfect pitch. Look out, Loralee!

Maddie has also started shrieking. It was cute at first. If she was happy, she’d laugh until she ran out of air in her lungs, then she’d take a deep breath and SHRIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! It’s the highest of high-pitched screams you’ve EVER heard. And, if you shriek back at her? She will keep shrieking.  Maddie does it a bit in this video, but now? It’s almost non-stop. I’m pretty sure all the noise is making Rigby want to run her head into the wall.

Finally, it’s like Maddie suddenly woke up and realized she has a dog. If Maddie hears Rigby, or if Rigby is anywhere in her sight line, Maddie’s eyes are glued to her. Sometimes this is really cute. Mads is so close to crawling, and often seeing Rigby is enough motivation for Maddie to really attempt to crawl. But other times…

I’m just waiting for the call from her preschool. “Mrs. Spohr, Madeline humped a toy in front of the class today…”