I had a lot of uncertainty about that last post. I didn’t put it up to be self-indulgent, rather, I was hoping that by posting it you all would hold me accountable. I will have to take care of myself, because if I don’t, y’all will be all up in my grill! That’s not to say I didn’t wake Mike up at 4:30 am in a panic, wanting to delete the post. Poor Mike. Between me and Maddie, the poor dude never gets any sleep. I wrote the majority of that post last week, before I started taking medicine. Just reading back what I wrote, I remember how I felt and I realize how I am already in a better place. It will be nice to not have to put a fake smile on my face all the time – and hopefully soon it will be replaced by a real smile.

I can’t thank all of you enough for your kind emails, comments, twitters, and phone calls. I am going to get back to all of you.

And, life goes on. Last night, Mike, Maddie, my parents, and my Aunt Lynn joined me at Dodger Stadium for a game against the hated Giants. We had great seats on the second level of the stadium.
Dodger Stadium Seats

My Aunt Lynn hadn’t been to a Dodger game in YEARS. She just moved back to LA after over 30 years in Seattle, so I’m glad she could be reintroduced to Dodger Stadium with Madeline.
Auntie Lynn & Madeline

At first, Maddie was NOT into the game. The noise was annoying and she was over people getting all up in her face. She retreated to gramma’s shoulder, where she felt safe.
sad mad

After she took a little nap, she woke up and was ready to entertain grandpa.
New Favorite!

The Dodgers beat the Giants with a spectacular play at the plate, and everyone was happy. Everyone except Mike, that is. I have written before about our differing opinions when it comes to favorite baseball teams. We are both quite passionate, but my mom might top both of us. She grew up going to games with her sisters, my gramma driving them to games in San Diego and San Francisco. She loves to poke fun at the Giants, and she often brings Mike to the edge of tears with her biting anti-Giants comments.

With this in mind, you’d think Mike would know better than to make a bet with her. Mike bet my mom that a team would sign Barry Bonds by July 30th. My mom said there was no way that would happen. The stakes were set, and the loser had to wear the shirt of the other’s team. Mike lost, and you bet we took full advantage of him wearing a Dodgers shirt, despite the fact that he eagerly defaced the shirt with ketchup and mustard.
two Dodger fans

The lesson? Never bet against Linda B.