When Mike and I were getting married I tried to picture him as a dad. He was a great pet owner to our little Rigby but caring for a child is a bit more intense than caring for a pet. My pregnancy with Maddie was so hard, but after she was born Mike hit the ground running. He was in the NICU all day, every day. He carried around a little notebook and wrote down her vitals, her medicines and doses, her weight, everything. Everything she did amazed him.


When Madeline came home from the NICU, Mike was her full-time care giver. She loved having her daddy home all the time, and they were the best of friends. Mike took all of the difficulties caring for a preemie in stride. I never ever worried about leaving for work because I knew no one could care for Maddie the way he could.

maddie, daddy

They had a bond that I was so envious of. But at the same time, I was so proud of it. Not many little kids get so much time with their daddy.

Mad & Dad

Mike’s world revolved around Maddie. Everything he did was for her.

Love this one

I am so proud of the daddy Mike is to Madeline, and the daddy he will be to our second daughter. Binky and Maddie are so lucky that their daddy is Mike.

um...Mike? You're scary.

I am so lucky he is my husband.

Happy birthday Mike. I wish I could make it perfect. I love you.