Annabel has a lot of interests, but her current passion is writing and illustrating books. Yes, you read that right. It’s her favorite thing to do with Mike. The two of them will spend some time at her writing desk, where Annie will draw a picture, then dictate the words for Mike to write. After she’s done, she’ll spend…oh, about twenty minutes fretting over the placement of the staples (so much fretting…sooooo much), then she’ll finally present the book to me.

After I read the book, she always tells me to “put it in the library so everyone can read it.” Then she asks me repeatedly how many people have read her book. Good thing she doesn’t know about book stores or she’d be asking about her sales numbers.

Here’s the thing about Annabel’s books…well, she’s a budding Stephen King. Her books take turns you would not expect, and just when you think everything is going to be okay…bam. Twist!

I asked Annie which two books were her favorite, and she picked these. Then she said, “Will kids read them?” And I was like, “Ummmm…”

Book One is called Butterflies Are My Friends (I have no idea why). I will caption it because apparently the writing of a 38-year-old man = the writing of a four-year-old girl.

Book 1, Page 1

Once upon a time a little girl got lost in the village and the dinosaur stomped her.

Killing off a main character on page one, bold move.

Book 1, Page 2

This little girl was at home but a dinosaur stomped her right into the house.

Killing another character…still bold, but you have to give me someone to root for, Annabel!

Book 1, Page 3

These sisters were at home alone when their parents got stolen by the wicked witch.

Sounds like the beginning of a Disney movie.

Book 1, Page 4

The last page: This little girl got lost and crashed right into a rock.

Yeah…remind me to never go to this town, it seems very dangerous.

The second book she picked is called Bunnies. She’s really into abstract names.

Book 2, Page 1

Once upon a time, this little girl came home from ballet class when a monster came into her house.

First scene, so much tension! I love that she gets right into the action.

Book 2, Page 2

This little girl was safe at home when a rainbow got into the house.

This feels like it should be a good thing, but you never know with Annabel. Also, the homes in this town have security issues.

Book 2, Page 3

This bunny was at a girl’s house and then a girl came home and found it.

Surprise bunny from the parents? Best parents ever! This book is so heartwarming!

Book 2, Page 4

This little girl was hunting for rabbits because she had no rabbit pets, but the bad guys captured her and the rabbits so she didn’t get home at all.

I…did not see that coming. Chilling.

I think these are interesting windows into the way Annabel thinks. She’s been exposed to a lot of heavy stuff in her life and these books are part of how she processes everything (she also asks endless questions). She’s got a bit of a twisted streak in her, but I like that she takes the bad/weird stuff and sprinkles it with things like rainbows and bunnies.

Or, maybe she’s just trying to tell us that she wants a rabbit.