There’s something about this time of year that makes me itchy for something new. I think it’s because, with school starting, I’m conditioned to beginning new things every September. I’m especially restless after spending a summer caring for a newborn. Don’t get me wrong, it was great and he’s fantastic, but it wasn’t exactly intellectually stimulating. In fact, I sometimes felt like it was the opposite – the minimal amounts of sleep really turned my brain to mush.

I’ve been searching for ways to make myself feel a little more…I don’t know, I don’t want to say fulfilled, because being a mom is great and I am so privileged to be home with my kids. Maybe enriched is the right word. I think now is a good time for me to explore the things I’ve always thought could be fun. I would hate to be a few years down the road, about to re-enter the outside-the-home workforce and regret not taking advantage of this time.

So, I’ve set a few goals for myself. I’ve always liked sewing (thanks to my grandma), but I only know how to do it by hand. I signed up for a month-long class that’s taught on machines, and so far I really like it. I’ve also been experimenting more in the kitchen. I’ve never been able to get the main course and the sides all ready at the same time, so I’ve set the absurd goal of having the main course and two (fresh) sides ready at the same time three nights a week. That also dovetails nicely with my goal of having the four of us all eat dinner together every night. When I was pregnant, I could not eat with Mike and Annie – too many smells that triggered my hyperemesis. And after James was born, he always wanted to eat exactly when dinner started. Now that he’s on a better evening eating schedule I can plan around him and still eat with the rest of my family.

My biggest challenge is going to be my lack of follow-through. I am the best at making goals for myself. I am not the best at meeting them. For example, I was determined to make the birth announcements for James and have them sent out within a month of his birth. I was gonna be on top of it! I started out well – I designed the announcement back in April, and then plugged in the details and his photo a week after he was born…and that was it. I didn’t print them out, or buy envelops or gather addresses…because that’s not the fun part. I only like the fun parts. I need to work on that.

birth announcement
Consider this your birth announcement, everyone.

I don’t really expect to find a new passion that I want to build on, but I’d like to find a hobby I can enjoy outside of my regular mom life. When I have that elusive free time, what will be more fun than napping? That’s a trick question, nothing is more fun than napping. So what will come in second to napping? I’m not sure. But I know I’ll be a much better mom if I try to find other interests and discover new things about myself. I like that Annabel sees me going to classes – I think it’s the start of a great example for her. Now I just have to follow through.