Annie is so verbal now. She talks all the time, and unlike when she was a bit younger and just babbled, now she is saying actual things. We may not always understand them, but she is saying words that SHE thinks we’ll understand. Usually after some pointing and the like, we figure out what she’s trying to say.

Her current favorite words are for foods, and she’ll use her newfound verbal skills to score herself some grub. She’ll walk into the kitchen and go “Oh boy, FOOOOOOD!” If Mike or her gramma is within earshot, she’s guaranteed to get a cookie.

Stealing Mike’s ice cream.

She doesn’t just want sweets though… she’ll eat anything. Maddie was picky, so I definitely appreciate that Annie is not. But like I said – she’ll eat ANYTHING. Seriously. Tonight I was eating Seaweed Snacks from Trader Joes, and Annie kept pulling at my arm and whining to get some. That’s right. Dried pieces of seaweed.

Her harassment is even worse if it’s a food she recognizes because she’ll name it. “Mama’s Toast! Want peese!”

I hate sharing my food but I can’t resist good manners, man.

She’s so food crazy that anytime one of us is in the kitchen she thinks it’s time for a meal. Other times all I have to do is unwrap something and she’ll come running saying, “More! Moooooore?”

Sure Annie, you can eat this envelope I was opening.

I think all of this is taking its toll on Mike. Yesterday I walked into the kitchen at 11:30 PM and was shocked to run into him. I’m always the last one to bed, but there Mike was, standing in the light of the open refrigerator.

“Mike! What are you doing?”

“Um…I’m eating some ice cream.”

“At 11:30 at night?”

“Yeah, I know. I just wanted to eat some ice cream in peace without having Annie up in my face whining, ‘More, more!’ Is that wrong?”

“No…but now you have to share with me.”