James is six weeks old today. What that really means is that I had my surgery six weeks ago, so my “maternity leave” is over and with it, all my excuses to be lazy. I see Dr. Risky this afternoon and she’ll very likely remove my remaining restrictions. Last week I was like, “I can’t wait to be able to exercise again!” and now that I will be allowed to all I can think is, “ugh, I’d rather sleep or sit on the couch and think about the next thing I’m going to eat.”

I do need to start working on getting my body in working shape again. It took me a few weeks to get my appetite back, so for the last couple weeks I’ve been on a bit of a “food honeymoon,” letting myself eat whatever sounded good. And everything sounded good! I’ve gained back some of the weight I lost via pregnancy but I wouldn’t mind losing it again – this time, through healthier channels. I’m not someone who loses weight just by breastfeeding, so that means I’ll be putting down the pretzels, picking up the celery, and trying to find some gym time.

I’ve spent much of the last six weeks cozied up with James. Every time I think, “I really ought to put him down while he sleeps,” I remember that these tiny newborn days are fleeting. He’s outgrown many of his newborn outfits, and he’s a few meals away from his last newborn diaper. My favorite position is laying him on me, tummy to tummy, but he’s already showing a strong preference for facing out when he’s awake. I know I should probably should stop being such a baby hog…he just seems so comfy here with me.


Of course, spending mass amounts of time curled up with a newborn means lots of smelling like a sour milk machine. Both kids napped yesterday (at the same time, even), and not long after it occurred to me to use the time to shower, I fell asleep sitting up. I seem to take the majority of my showers after midnight these days. Better than nothing!

After today, the pregnancy stage of my life is 100% finished. We were pretty consumed by the effort it took to get James here, and I will not miss our lives revolving around it. I’m not sad about ending that chapter, even if the new one means less sleep and more celery.