A year ago this month, my beloved Aunt Kathy lost her brief and sudden fight with cancer. No more holidays, no more anniversaries, no more birthdays. I miss her so much.

The American Cancer Society asked me to partner with them to help spread the word for their Create More Birthdays contest. I said YES YES YES before I even knew what I’d have to do – post a video of myself singing Happy Birthday.

My parents are so excited the eleven years of singing lessons they shelled out for are finally paying off:

My Aunt Kathy will never blow out the candles on another cake. But hopefully, the ACS will be able to help my friend Jackie! have birthday candles for years to come.

To enter, you can upload a video of yourself or your band performing the birthday song. Or if you’re artistic through design instead of song, you can submit artwork. The winning musical performance will be featured in a nation-wide advertising campaign, and the winning art will be featured on an American Cancer Society card collection. To enter or find out more, visit MoreBirthdays.com.

I firmly believe that everyone should live to celebrate at least 103 birthdays. Here’s to a world with no cancer and more birthdays.