I’ve mentioned a few times about our adventures with the baby gate. Well, besides the fact that MIKE fell over it while carrying Annie the other day (but luckily he tripped with his back foot, so he and Annie were fine), it has suddenly become the least of our worries. We’ve figured out how to shore it up, so there is no escaping.

No matter how








Instead of accepting her fate, she has instead realized that there’s no place to go but up.




That’s an easy one, though – mini chair to coffee table. Then Mike says, “oh, let me show you what she learned this weekend.”



Just by stepping on Mike, she climbed onto the couch. The couch is not child proofed! The couch is my lair! Computer cords! Celeb magazines! Peanut butter!

We’ve been trying to keep the gated community cleaner (I’m tired of stepping on toys), so I bought a big storage bin in and showed her how to put her toys in it. Annnnnd she figured out how to dump her toys immediately:


And then….then she DID THIS:



I always thought that kids who climbed were few and far between. I did tons of baby sitting growing up, and only once did I have a kid climb something – a four year old girl, who climbed onto the top shelf of her closet, only to jump down on me when I found her (I’m pretty sure she broke my sternum). But apparently I have birthed a monkey, and now I’m just trying to figure out what the next thing she’ll try to climb will be, so I can prevent it….or, at least be ready to take a photo.