So, you all were right, and Annie has stopped hating me (until her next bath, at least). She still waves goodbye when I leave the room, and is still unphased when I am gone for stretches of time. But, now she is acting like she needs me. Not for the comfort and cuddles that I wanted to be needed for, though. She wants me for entertainment.

She instigates peek-a-boo with me, hands over toys she wants me to make come to life, tells me to dance with her during Yo Gabba Gabba (by either tugging on my leg or pointing at me and shouting UP!). And this is AWESOME. I love it. When Mike tries to do these things with her she’s like, “Meh, I find your dance moves lacking, and your dolly voice is dreadful.”

little dictator
Mommy, go THERE now!

But when she’s walking across the room and inevitably falls (because, as we all know, walking is hard), she immediately cries for DADADADADADADADA! It doesn’t matter if I immediately scoop her up, kiss her boo-boos, and dry her tears, she’ll still howl and reach for daddy.

She is just like the boys in high school that used me to get to my friends. I’m a girl, too! WHY DON’T YOU WANT TO DATE ME?!

But I digress.

I feel like I should be apologetic about this, but you know what? I want her to want me for the “traditional” mom things – cuddles, comfort, tenderness. Instead I am the class clown, she claps her hands and I put on a show.

She squeals with delight, then grabs her blanket and curls up on daddy’s lap, leaving me with empty arms and a face covered in clown makeup.