Mike’s new job has been the hot topic around here. I am proud of him and so thrilled that he is working for such a fun company where he’ll be able to put his writing experience and creativity to good use. He’s only a couple weeks in and he already loves it.

Since he’s working in the company’s LA office, it’s been a big adjustment for all of us. Of course, Mike is the one who has to make the commute, so he has the biggest change, but since he’s an adult he can handle that. Annabel’s adjustment has been harder. Mike has worked from home for the last two years, so Annie only remembers what it’s like to have her Daddy home all the time. She’s a dyed in the wool Daddy’s girl, and she misses him a lot. When she gets upset or frustrated she still cries out for him, and that has been hard for me. I often remind myself that this adjustment period will be over soon (I hope).

Since I still work from home, I’m trying to figure out how to balance it all. Right before Mike received his job offer I took on a new freelance client, so I am feeling especially crazed. Mike and I make a great team, and we had a good system – we evenly split household chores, and whoever had the closest deadline worked while the other parent handled the kids. We also shared overnight James duty, and of course he started cutting another tooth last week. I’ve come to the realization that I need to start saying no to things, which if you’ve ever freelanced, is a scary thought.

My parents have been a tremendous help, both with child care while I work, and with Annabel’s emotional needs. I love how much she adores her daddy, but I wish she didn’t miss him so much during the day. She can really work herself up, so I have been doing my best to keep her occupied. James, of course, is happy and unfazed. I’ll say, “Let’s take a picture for Daddy!” and he’ll give me his famous grin.

hats make you look distinguished

He rewards Mike with the same big smile every evening, which is a pretty great thing to come home to if you ask me.

We’ve been very lucky these last two years, and I’m glad that we were able to take advantage of our somewhat non-traditional work situation. These early years with our kids are priceless. But, the novelty of Mike being gone during the day has worn off, and I miss my teammate. I’m a bit lonely while he’s at work, and even though Annabel does her best to talk my ear off it’s not the same as having my favorite guy around. However, it’s going to be nice to leave the scary freelance life (mostly) behind. Even though we were both largely doing steady contract work, there was always the possibility any of them could be canceled/not renewed. It’s nice to not have that hanging over our heads anymore.

I guess the keys to my successful adjustment into this new life will be scheduling, planning, and sticking to it. Three things I am not awesome at. Can I schedule a nap? I’m sure I’d be awesome at sticking to that! But truly, we are feeling very thankful, and I’m sure that life at home with these two characters (and Rigby!) will be even more interesting with me as the only (sort-of) adult in charge.