Mike has been pretty distracted lately. He’s got his new job, where he’s kicking ass, and he’s got his side gig where he meets with creative types. And he’s, ya know, a husband and dad and dog owner. His plate be full.

A couple days ago he was reading a magazine while he was getting ready for bed. He did his whole night time routine without taking his eyes off the glossy pages – no small feat when you realize that routine includes taking out his contact lenses.

While reading an apparently engrossing story about Jerry Lewis and his honorary Academy Award, Mike sat down on the edge of our bathtub and started brushing his teeth.

After a few seconds he thought, “hmm, my toothpaste tastes weird. I must have grabbed Heather’s.”

A few seconds later he thought, “Gosh! Heather is normally so normal in her toothpaste choices. This tastes terrible!”

About a minute later, he thought, “Hmmm…this isn’t really foaming up like normal toothpaste.”

This is probably where I should tell everyone that I have a bit of a problem area ion my face. In my T-Zone. It’s a small, dime-sized touch of excema at the edge of my mouth. I did some research online about home remedies for excema, and one of the most popular solutions I found was diaper cream. I just so happen to have some of that because I, ya know, have a baby.

And I just so happen to have a tube of Desitin Diaper Cream on our bathroom counter. To combat said trouble spot in my T-Zone.

Mike’s mouth is now free of diaper rash and excema.