Three years ago, I threw a surprise party for Mike’s 30th birthday. It was a “Feliz Navidad, Feliz Cumpleanos” fiesta, and it was a blast. I even decorated our house for Christmas! I know, I know.

Senor Mike

I pretty much shot my wad on that birthday. I told him that he’d never have another birthday as awesome as his 30th (well, at least until his 40th). I said it as a joke, but for a while, it looked like it might be true. Seven days after his 31st birthday, we got married. I tried to make his birthday special, but with everything we had going on, it got a bit lost in the shuffle.

For Mike’s 32nd birthday, Maddie was in the NICU. We celebrated that she was alive. I still tried to make things special for him, though. When he came to visit Maddie that day, she was wearing this:

Daddy's girl

It might have brought a tear to his eye when he saw his 3 1/2 pound baby proclaiming her Daddy’s Girl Status. And, sidebar, looking at this picture is crazy. She was THREE AND A HALF POUNDS. That outfit is SWIMMING on her. And it’s preemie size! And now here we are, ten pounds up. I wish it was more like FIFTEEN pounds up, but hey, I’ll take ten pounds.

This year, for Mike’s 33rd, we had big plans. But unfortunately, Maddie’s health wasn’t quite up to par. When she saw Dr. Loooove on Monday, things had definitely improved. Her pulse oxygen level, which had been at 82 five days earlier, was hovering between 85 and 92. Her lungs were moving air a bit better, even if they still sounded junky. She is still on 24-hour oxygen until the end of the week, so unfortunately we had to modify our birthday plans. We opened presents, had breakfast, and drank champagne all in our bed while Maddie had her oxygen. My mom (who I will now refer to as St. Mom) came down to our house AGAIN to be with Maddie so I could take Mike out to dinner. I had a good day, I hope he did too.

I know one thing, though. Even though Maddie wasn’t 100%, it’s still a lot better to come home to a baby on oxygen than no baby at all.

Happy birthday, Mikey! I love you.