Mike and I live near two universities. Most of the time I don’t think about our proximity to the schools, except for one thing – the students. There are a large amount of students that live in our neighborhood. Most of the buildings in our area are condos and apartments, and from October to June I feel like I’m back in college. The 2am drunk parties on the balconies, the screams when certain football teams fail to score, and my personal favorite, girls doing the walk of shame.

I really like living by the schools because there are lots of fun bars and restaurants that cater to them. Mike and I have spent many an afternoon and evening eating bar food and enjoying happy hour specials. Many an afternoon, that is, until Maddie came along. We can take her to the restaurants, but a lot of the bars in California are 21 and over (California has a bunch of different kinds of liquor licenses). Of course, all the bars around us are 21+, which means our days of Happy Hour pitchers are over.

And you know, we are totally okay with that. But sometimes, I really want 25 cent Jalapeno poppers and greasy bar food. Or like last night, when we were invited to an awesome event hosted by Primo Water. The hang up? It was at a bar. Luckily, my mom saved the day and came down to spend some time with Maddie while Mike and I had fun. But seriously, this “under age” thing is totally cramping our style.

So I had this whipped up for Maddie. As a former bartender, I think it is flawless.

license to ill

I can’t wait to use it tonight!