After seeing a pumpkin carving demonstration on her field trip, there was no way Annabel was going to let us get away with not carving pumpkins of our own. Dang.

My dad is the pumpkin carver extraordinaire around these parts, and Mike is the designer. Well, technically, Annabel is the designer, Mike just drew her instructions.

I want my pumpkin to look like THIS
I want my pumpkin to be scary, like this!

make it look like this!
Daddy, like my face! Seriously! Look at it!

Eventually, she decided she didn’t like Mike’s drawing and took matters into her own hands.

ready to draw a face

She was pretty proud of her handiwork!

finished face

My dad took over and started carving, and Annabel said, “These pumpkins smell like stinky potatoes!”

this smells like stinky potatoes

When my dad pulled the lid off of a pumpkin, I told her that the pumpkins brains looked just like hers. I’m…not sure she bought it.

that does not look like my brains, mom

Bampa also told her that if she planted pumpkin seeds in the backyard pumpkins would grow, so she started scrounging around for seeds. That’s gonna be fun to deal with later.

I think the finished products turned out amazing:

the likeness is uncanny

pumpkin heads

Happy Halloween!

If you haven’t watched this year’s Halloween song, here it is!)