Yesterday we had dinner, then we all put on warm jammies.

spohrs, a self-timer picture

Oh yeah, and hats.

All four of us piled into the car for one of my favorite holiday activities – looking at Christmas lights. We all sipped hot chocolate (well, not Rigby) and ooh’d and aaah’d over all the twinkly lights. Annie reacted EXACTLY like I hoped she would.

looking at Christmas Lights


Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Every time we came to a new house, a little voice in the backseat would say, “OOH! PURTY!” And if the owners had put up MORE than lights?



…well, it was hard to tell who was more excited – Mike or Annie. Mike really wants some sort of inflatable lawn decor next year. Guess he’s not such a grinch after all.

I was fiddling with the Christmas music (Annie wanted Jingle Bells on repeat, and since she was singing along I was cool with it), so I didn’t immediately notice when Annie started flipping out about something.


“WIGBY! WIIIIIIIGBY!” I was confused, because Rigby was on my lap. Then I looked out the window.


She was talking about the sheep…I think…she thought the sheep was Rigby. I said, “Annie, do you see the mama and daddy and baby?” Her reply: “WIIIIIIIIGBYYYYYYYYYYYYY.”

Before she went to bed, all she could talk about was the “Wigby light.”

Not exactly what I was expecting, but I love her enthusiasm.

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