Maddie is holding her own. She was in crisis until about 10:30 Tuesday morning. Her heart had to be artificially manipulated to keep it going and they just couldn’t get her lungs to fill all the way so she wouldn’t leak air into her thorax which created back pressure which kept her lungs from inflating all the way and healing. The doctors & nurses took turns throughout Monday night and Tuesday morning hand bagging her breathing in order to keep her going. Six doctors and nurses worked on her continuously throughout the night to the point of near exhaustion. By 10:30 yesterday morning they were able to see the light and she finally started making progress. Throughout the day her numbers improved and they were able to remove and consolidate many of the extraordinary treatments they were using. She’s now gone 22 hours without major intervention. The term the medical people guardedly use is that they are “hopeful”. That’s a lot better than yesterday’s statements that only a minority of babies in Maddie’s condition make it and that’s a “small minority”. Heather checked herself out of the hospital 24 hours after her surgery, checked herself back in 8 hours later so she could get her pain meds and then checked herself out permanently 6 hours later when Maddies condition took a turn. She is now out of the hospital. The doctors have all said there will be many more problems during the next 3 months and to be ready for a roller coaster ride. I will try to keep you updated. Kirk