The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurses stated that Maddie has had two good nights in a row. Her blood pressure medication was again reduced along with the use of the ventilator and oxygen. Three doses of heart valve medication were administered and she’s tolerated them well so far. A sonogram will tell how effective the medication is in adjusting her valve function. Her edema/swelling has been greatly reduced resulting in some skin flaking. This is easily treated with a special baby moisturizer. Maddie continues to go through diapers at a rapid rate. This indicates a good reduction of her swelling. Her pee is darkish which is another positive indicator of the jaundice breaking up in her body. During “touch time” yesterday her overhead jaundice treatment light and underneath ultraviolet light emitting blanket were turned off allowing the nurses to remove Maddie’s protective eye guards. The swelling has been reduced so much that for the first time Madeline’s eyes were able to open for an extended period at which time Heather & Mike were able to observe Maddie try to focus on their images and the sound of their voices. Another couple of steps forward! Kirk