Maddie had another relatively stable day & night. She’s oxygenating well and has good neurological response to touch. At this point she doesn’t tolerate change well and her numbers decline when her environment is substantially stimulated but they then re-stabilize without too much intervention. While they have continued to let her breathe from time to time on her own, they are going to let her adjust to her current plateau before attempting to change her treatments much more. While Maddie is still small, around three pounds and unable to be held yet, Heather was still able to change her diaper for the first time last night. At this time only her immediate family is allowed to visit Maddie and then only one at a time because of the lack of space due to other babies and an incredible amount of monitoring equipment. Even though we spend a great deal of our time at the hospital we feel fortunate because many of the other babies parents are from all over CA and don’t have the luxury of living just 2 miles away as Heather & Mike do. Some of the other babies have problems like Maddie’s but many others have some unique issues. Maddie is one week old today and the family feels very fortunate to have her. Kirk