When I’m feeling stressed out or I need a pick me up, I treat myself to a spa pedicure. As you know, I despise feet. I don’t even like to touch my own. However, I have no problem with people touching mine. In fact, if I didn’t have someone work on my tootsies on a regular basis, they would be horrifying.

By the time my lunch break came around today, I was exhausted. It was too hot to sleep in my car (what, you know you’ve done it), and I felt like I’d crashed on my brother’s couch too much lately. As I walked through the parking lot, I tried to figure out what to do with myself – I certainly wasn’t going to stay at work. That’s when it occurred to me that I should go to the nail salon down the street. I could sit in one of those awesome massage chairs and maybe get a longer foot massage and rest in air conditioning. Perfect.

The nail salon near my office is very clean and new, and everyone that works there is extremely friendly and good at their jobs. I picked out my color (Give Me A Coral Sometime) and sat down in my spa assigned massaged chair. I leaned it back as far as it would go, put the massage setting on “auto” and closed my eyes. My pedicurist was fantastic, she gave me an amazing foot and leg massage – so good that I actually ponied up for the extended ten minute rub. Getting my tired legs and feet worked on while the massage chair does it’s thing on my back is a great way for me to unwind.

I really didn’t think about much of anything when I was sitting in the chair. I forgot how completely silly a person looks in a massage chair. As the rollers glide up and down your back, your body is pushed forward in a rather suggestive manner. This particular chair had rollers that would glide up about an inch and a half, then shake back and forth, causing my body to shimmy from left to right. It felt awesome. I completely forgot that I was wearing a wrap dress that was juuuuuust a little too big on top.

I remembered I was wearing a wrap dress that was juuuuuust a little too big on top when my pedicurist gently placed a towel on my chest. My eyes popped open to see her smiling at me, and she said, “Your dress. It opened.” I peaked under the towel and yeah – my bra and boobs were completely exposed. They’d been jiggling back and forth while the massage chair made my chest do the stripper shimmy. I looked around the salon to see how many people had seen my free show. The women in the chairs to either side of me all had their eyes closed. Phew. But then I looked at the other pedicurists sitting at the foot of each chair, facing toward me. They were all grinning – including the two men who worked in the salon.

When I paid at the front, I felt like I should have been tipped instead of my pedicurist.