Annabel was excited to wake up yesterday to celebrate Father’s Day. In fact, she woke up at four in the morning and called out for me. When I went in to see how she was, she said, “Mama, is it night-time Father’s Day?” When I told her it was, she said, “I can’t wait to open my eyes and it will be daytime Father’s Day.” I was a little more apprehensive. I love celebrating Mike and my dad, but this year I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t have anything planned, and I’d only barely managed to get cards.

Annabel’s enthusiasm saved the morning. She spent a lot of time decorating her card for Mike, then she took even more time decorating James’ card. She dictated what I should write in each card. “James’ card should say ‘Wah, wah’ because that’s all he knows how to say.” She asked her daddy if there was anything she could do for him – she even offered to rub his back. Throughout the day, she’d spontaneously yell, “HAPPY FADDER’S DAY!”

Luckily, Mike didn’t care about my lack of preparedness. He just wanted to spend time with his kids.

Dad and his kids

My mom and aunt hosted us and our extended family at my aunt’s house, where we took a family photo (another one of Mike’s requests):

The Spohrs

And I got some pictures of Mike with his kids (my own request):

Daddy and his kids

Daddy and James

Daddy and James

I feel so lucky that first Madeline, then Annabel, and now James have such amazing men in their lives. Annabel and James have tremendous examples to look up to in their dad and grandfathers. They are enriched, loved, and protected.

loving their babies

Happy Father’s Day to Mike and my dad. Thank you for being so incredible to my babies. (I promise next year I’ll be way more prepared.) They are so lucky (and so am I).