Somehow, it’s been a year since our little leprechaun, Liam, was born.


In honor of his St. Patrick’s Day birth, Leah and Ted threw him a St. Paddy-themed bash. They thought of everything, from gold balloons to coloring stations to rainbow food.

Liam's party

It's Liam!

For entertainment, Leah and Ted had a friend of theirs run a trivia contest. We were broken into teams and answered three rounds of questions: #1 Songs, Things That Are Green, and All About Leah, Ted, & Liam. Despite my hyper-competitiveness, our team came in second. I’m still mad about it.

The kids in attendance had a blast coloring, running around, and dabbing. Totally normal.

the dab

Besides the fun games and yummy food, there was one other major draw at the party: Liam! Everyone wanted a piece of that little nugget.

birthday boy with his mom and dad

kissing Liam

When it came time to sing Happy Birthday, Liam was not cool with all the attention, and he cried. Annabel and I did what we could to try to get some happy smiles out of him, with a bit of success.

unhappy birthday

Isn't this fun?

We managed to get a grin out of him for about .4 seconds, long enough for Leah to get a couple smiling pictures.


And of course, he had fun getting his hands all sticky and covered in cake:


This little dude has made our family gatherings so much happier. I’m so glad Leah and Ted brought him into our lives! My kids just adore him, and the rest of us do, too.

Picture by Rachel Robena Photography

Happy first birthday, sweet Liam! I love you and can’t wait to see what the next year brings!