Heather has been insanely busy in New York helping to get the word out about National Swimsuit Confidence Week, so she asked me to write a quick update on all she has been up to.


On the set… Please note that is not an actual beach.

Yesterday Heather did twenty-six – that’s right, TWENTY-SIX – interviews for various radio, TV, and Internet broadcasts.

I like to imagine the woman is applying make-up to Heather’s mosquito bites.

Many of Heather’s TV appearances can be seen online such as these from news shows in Connecticut, Toledo, and St. Louis!

Also, if you watch TV in the morning, check out today’s “Good Morning America” on ABC as Heather will be on!  Annie is going to get up bright and early to catch her mama on TV!

I know Heather can’t wait to tell you all the inside scoop about her trip, and will write about it ASAP. Pretty exciting stuff!

Did you any of you catch Heather in any of these media appearances today? If so, let us know!