Now that Maddie has herself a teenager-like crush, she’s also developed some teenager-like attitude. Maybe you’ve heard that little nursery rhyme that goes, “There was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good, she was very very good, but when she was bad she was horrid.” Well, look who has some new hair developments:
whooooa dude

First of all, yeah, NICE LOOK Madeline. Sorry if Mommy interrupted your busy screaming, kicking, and whining schedule. Maddie is a total Eddie Haskell. When she’s around other people, be it at baseball games or baby showers, she is perfect. A freaking shining example of why all people should procreate. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time she’s a good little girl at home. Emphasis on most of the time.

It’s just that lately…well, Maddie has a few things working against her. The first is that she is STILL TEETHING, and no teeth have popped through. I’m sure that’s frustrating. We do what we can to make her comfortable, but we aren’t going to to drugs/teething tabs, etc every night. I think that would be illegal.

Another issue Maddie is working through right now is attachment. She is MAJORLY attached to Mike – to the point where if Mike puts her down she freaks out. I can put her to bed, in her swing, on the floor for tummy time with no problem. If Mike does it? SHRIEKS and SCREAMS, and she literally throws a tantrum complete with kicking. How the HELL does she know how to do that? It’s clear to me that Maddie has already figured out her dad. Mike can’t stand it when she cries…so he gives in and picks her up. He knows he shouldn’t, but he can’t help himself.

Which leads to our final issue with Miss Attitude. We’ve started the “crying it out” process. Unfortunately, the first night we let her cry it out, she got so upset she barfed. The next night, she worked herself into such a tizzy she had a little asthma attack. So, now when she cries, I have to physically restrain Mike from going in the room.

To be fair, we DO have to give in when she starts having breathing issues, which…well, it annoys me. I feel like she has already figured out how to work us. We obviously can’t ignore her when she starts wheezing and gasping, but I am scared we’re going to get into a position where she’ll learn to fake a breathing attack just to get what she wants. And, I’m scared that we are NEVER going to get a full night’s sleep. She’s ten months old this week! Her adjusted age is 7 1/2 months – it’s time to START SLEEPING THROUGH THE FRIGGING NIGHT! Mom and Dad are tiiiiiired, Maddie!!!

I’m about ready to start throwing tantrums myself.