Annabel has all varieties of toys – musical instruments, robots, balls, objects with wheels, dolls, and things that make noise. She has always been very into the loud toys, much to my dismay. But hey, that’s why they invented headphones.

On her birthday she received a few dolls. I had them still in the packages, ready to put away to slowly dole out to her, when she saw one and went nuts. She was practically clawing through the plastic, yelling BAYBAY! BAYBAY! Well, OK then. Out the baby came.

She is OBSESSED with the baby doll (which has been named Mimi). She has Mimi with her constantly.

annie and mimi

It’s hilarious to watch. She cradles the doll (excuse me, Mimi) and even sings to her.

annie and mimi
(notice the cast-off dolls surrounding her)

The thing that cracks me up is that Annie will stand up, then bend down to grab Mimi to come along with her.

annie and mimi

She gives the doll a kiss and even hugs her! Cuteness overload.

kissing mimi

annie and mimi

It’s so cute to see her being loving and gentle with a toy. I’ve chosen to take advantage of the situation by having her gently hug Mimi and then gently pet Rigby. It seems to be working really well so far.

I know the fickle nature of children (especially mine) so who knows how much longer she’s going to want to cradle and sing to her doll.

What I’m dreading the most is when she figures out Mimi is an object she can throw over the fence of the gated community, and suddenly I have to decide to either fetch the doll and risk becoming a player in a twisted baby mind game (a-GAIN mama!), or if I leave Mimi on the other side of the fence to teach Annie the “don’t throw your toys” lesson.

Ugh, this parenting stuff. I know Annie understands.