After her unsuccessful lemonade stand last week, I promised Annie that we would try again. My friend Tara and I made a plan to have a stand in her busier neighborhood, thinking Annie would be happy with more traffic/customers. After Annie and I whipped up a new batch of fresh lemonade, she, James, and I headed over to Tara’s house.

Annie is at that stage where I don’t tell her anything until right before it happens. She doesn’t understand time, so letting her know about anything more than an hour or two in advance is just asking to be driven mildly crazy (Can we go yet? Can we go yet? Can we? Can we?). I appreciate her enthusiasm, though. When we arrived at Tara’s, Annie was super-stoked to not only see Tara’s kids, but also the children of my friends, Laura and Diane.

Tara suggested the kids sell the lemonade and cookies to benefit Friends of Maddie. The kids got to work making signs and setting up the stand.

cookies and lemonade for sale

sampling the goods
Annie is doing quality assurance.

The kids were pretty into it at first. We told them to try to wave down cars as they drove by.

dancing for the cars

None of the cars stopped (we moms were bummed about that), but the kids didn’t care…mostly because they lost interest after about five minutes.

Bella holds court
Isabella was the only one with a sense of responsibility…and she doesn’t look happy about it.

It’s also pretty hard to wave cars over for your lemonade stand when you’re not paying even the slightest bit of attention to the cars or lemonade.

looking at Meghan's bee sting
Meghan shows off her bee sting.

lemonade stand
Poor sad, abandoned table.

Eventually, Tara’s next-door neighbor came over for some cookies and a drink. We also called the local grandmas, and they all came by. In the end, we only had five customers…which is probably a good thing, because the kids kept eating and drinking the product. The kids earned about $12 (thanks to generous tips), which will fund half of a Friends of Maddie support pack. I am going to make up the difference and put together a pack that includes a little note about the kids’ lemonade stand. Hopefully the parents that receive the pack will appreciate it.

lemonade gang

I’m glad Annie got some friend time in, but I’m even more glad that my friends and I got some time together. It’s going to be hard come the fall, when all the kids are back in school, so I’m pleased that we’re taking advantage of the more-relaxed summer schedules. Annie is always at her happiest when she is with her friends. I can’t imagine where she gets that from.