Another weekend post! It’s as if I’m all hopped up on flu medication. Wait…

So the best thing about being sick is that I don’t have to feel guilty about not exercising. Except I still feel guilty, which is crazy! But this exercise business is important stuff. Exercise will help with my mood, help with my health, and hell, I might even lose some of this baby weight – or, at least not put ON additional weight. And all that blah blah blah.

On Momversation, Alice, Asha, Jessica and I talked about finding the time to exercise. SHOCKER: I talk about how much I hate it.

But seriously. I have a physical with Dr. Looove at the end of the month and I have to clearly be on the road to health. This lovely flu has jump started my weight loss (if you tell me it’s only water weight I’ll punch you), so instead of working hard to gain it back (mmm pie), I am going to work hard to keep it off.

How do all of you busy people schedule exercise? Or do you? Are you like me with lofty hopes but lazy follow-through? How can I make it more fun than watching re-runs of Arrested Development and Glee?

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