When I was a kid, I remember my mom and her friends “kidnapping” me and my friends and taking us to breakfast in our pajamas. If you’ve never done a kidnap breakfast, the gist is the adults wake up the kids very early, and then either go to the next house and gather more kids, or meet at a restaurant/house to eat. I loooooved it. I have have waited a very long time to have a kid old enough to “kidnap,” and yesterday was finally the day.

kidnap breakfast

We had the breakfast at our house, and my friends Tara and Diane kidnapped their kids over. Before they all arrived, I set up the hot chocolate bar. I made hot chocolate in the crock pot and OMG. This recipe is the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted. Do not think about the calories – just make it!!

hot chocolate bar

I found these design-your-own travel mugs at the Dollar Tree and made one for each kid (I printed their names and clip art in black and white so they could color their names themselves).

personalized mugs

I also made two loaves of cinnamon pull apart bread – one for the kids and one for the grown ups. I do not play!

Annie woke up and was like, “What the heck is going on, Mommy?” I had all the Christmas lights on, music was playing, and Elf was on the TV so I could understand her confusion. Also, I told her she was being “kidnapped,” and she had no idea what that meant. Probably a good thing!

wondering what's going on

Her confusion didn’t stop her from dancing near the sugar, of course.

dancing by the hot chocolate bar

When her friends arrived, the fun started. The kids ate, colored, made hot chocolate, and watched the movie, plus they did a million other things we adults weren’t privy to.

kidnap breakfast

watching elf

hot chocolate

I had other stuff for them to do, like make reindeer food, but they had more fun playing dress up, hide and seek, and racing around on the various wheeled toys we have. So who cares about what I had for them? The point was for them to have fun, and they did!

Rigby, on the other hand, was a dog on a mission.

trying, trying

getting closer

Rigby's victory

I couldn’t even get mad.