Thank you EVERYONE for your amazing support and encouragement for my aunt. Many of you wrote with treatment ideas, and all of it went straight into the big binder that my mom and Aunt Terry are keeping everything organized in. Everything will be brought up to my aunt’s team of doctors.

Yesterday, Aunt Kathy saw an oncologist. This particular doctor had seen Kathy in the hospital last week and she really liked him. He had all her test results and was very positive and upbeat. He feels that staying positive while treating cancer is the first step. The doctor said she has three things going in her favor. First, the tumor in her lungs is not a melanoma (these are fast growing and hard to treat), second is Kathy is in good health and third, she is a non smoker. They are going to treat the brain tumors first and then the lungs. On Thursday, my mom is taking my aunt to the Radiology Oncologist, who will evaluate all the info and recommend the treatment. It could range from localized radiation on the tumors to whole brain radiation. The latter more intense and has more serious side effects, so we’ll have to hear all of the doctor’s reasons for that particular treatment. Later on Thursday she’s getting another opinion from another oncologist.

And then Kathy will have to decide what she wants to do. The radiation would probably take place for 10 days and then that is it…The lung cancer can hopefully be treated in a pill form rather than full blown chemo. There are more tests to be done this week, so we won’t really know the whole picture until the end of the week, if not later.

As you can see, it’s a lot to process.

We are all hanging in there, hoping for good news. We’re taking it all as it comes…we’ve all been through so much. That’s not to say we’re expecting the worst by any means – we just unfortunately know that the worst is possible.

That being said, we are focusing on our positive:

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