It’s no secret that I love Karaoke. Mike and I met at a Karaoke bar. The night before our wedding, we threw a huge Karaoke party (Marry-oke!) for all of our friends. I have a million pictures with a microphone in my face. If you want to get me out of my house after the hour of 8pm, dangling Karaoke in front of me is a surefire way to get me out of my jammies.
My friend Erin & me singing a duet. PS WHERE IS MY LEFT ARM?!?!

I’m kind of obsessed with Karaoke. Like, to the point where I keep a running list of “go-to” songs for when I’m at a Karaoke bar, overwhelmed with indecision. My list of songs has treated me well (some Blondie, Fiona Apple, No Doubt, AC/DC, Four Non Blondes, etc).
Me and my pal Alison at Marryoke.

At Tiny Danielle’s bachelorette party this weekend, we went to a bar that specializes in Karaoke. We knew we had to get Danielle up on stage, but a few of us wanted to sing as well. I looked at my Karaoke list (it’s on my blackberry SHUT UP) and I didn’t like any of the songs. I needed something new. I needed inspiration.

You see, the key to a successful Karaoke performance is less about knowing all the words (because they are on the wall for your reference) and more about picking a song that the crowd knows. It’s just like American Idol. Who is going to get more votes, the girl who nails an obscure Ron Sexsmith song, or the teenage boy that is flat on a Coldplay hit? Coldplay for the win! But, I don’t like to go for the obvious choices – Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, Lynard Skynard. I needed something good, but it was just out of my reach.

My genius friend Catherine suggested some Cheap Trick, “I Want You To Want Me.” I signed up. We left before it was my turn, but we DID manage to get Danielle up in front of the crowd. She dragged Catherine and me on stage with her. Well, she didn’t so much drag us as much as she said, “come with me you guys!” and we said, “try and stop us!”
Bachelorette Karaoke
We sang the crap out of it. PAY NO ATTENTION TO MY SUNBURN.

Cheap Trick is definitely going onto my Karaoke list, but I need some new standbys. Does anyone else love Karaoke as much as I do? What are your go-to songs, so I can shamelessly steal them? I’ll dedicate my next Karaoke performance to you, I promise.