I am. So. Tired.

I had a new oxygen rocket delivered for Maddie today. After the delivery man set it up and started to leave, I turned it on and it started to leak oxygen from every crevice. I had a small heart attack, then grabbed the guy before he drove off and had him fix it.

That was my excitement for the day. Hold on to your hats!

At this point in Maddie’s RSV battle, I suppose Adventures With Oxygen Rockets should be satisfying. Because heck, I could EASILY be posting, “Maddie had an x-ray today. Her RSV sucks.” Or something equally technical.

St. Grandma hung out with us today. She got Maddie to eat some solids. We have to carefully re-introduce regular foods to Maddie’s diet because (SPOILER ALERT! THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS DISGUSTING!) her stomach is full of the mucus that she coughs up and swallows. Dude, I know, I warned you that it was gross. So St. Grandma got her to eat, and Maddie was in a fantastic mood all day.

mmm, delicious.

Then Mike came home, and Maddie was so perfect, I swear if anyone was secretly watching us they made like 87 babies in the hopes one of them would be Maddie. That’s how great she was.

But then. Then St. Grandma left, and Mike went to run an errand.

Maddie. Lost. Her. Cool.

She proceeded to throw up ALL OVER me. If you remember from a few days ago, this makes only the fifth time she’s ever dared refund her food on me. I did not enjoy it. I especially did not enjoy cleaning out the tiny tubes of her nasal cannula while she screamed like I was Freddy Krueger. While I stood there naked, because, ya know, my clothes were COVERED IN VOMIT and dripping puke all over the rug would not do.

So. I’m tired. Today (Tuesday) we see Dr. Looove. I predict she will say, “your baby still has RSV! Continue giving her round the clock oxygen, and I’ll see you next week!”

Ironically, Maddie is due for her RSV vaccine. Something tells me my insurance will deny it.

But, hey, I could be wrong. I’m not a doctor, I just play one on the interwebs.