Yesterday afternoon I got an email that absolutely infuriated me. I knew when I saw the subject line that I wasn’t going to like the body of the email, but I clicked through anyway. As soon as I read the first few lines, I was screaming at my computer screen. My coworkers were scared. What was the email? It was this. A freaking CHRISTMAS ad in SEPTEMBER. My delicate sensibilities are offended!

This is the point where I have to be all, Oh, la la la, Christmas is awesome. And yeah, it is. But seriously? Christmas in SEPTEMBER? I don’t like it one bit.

Fall is my FAVORITE time of year. I’m sure I’ve written about that before. But I just don’t get why everyone is in such a hurry to make it disappear. What’s the rush for winter? Fall has turning leaves, brisk but not cold weather, Football, Baseball play offs, sweaters, apple cider, my list could go on forever. But my FAVORITE part of fall are the holidays and special days. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Madeline’s birthday, Mike’s birthday, my nephew’s birthday, our anniversary…all are events we look forward to for 364 days. So I get MORE than a little annoyed when retailers, malls, etc start advertising Christmas before the freaking end of Back to School month, completely ignoring this truly wonderful season.

Sure, winter has its positives. Christmas, New Year’s Eve and day, college bowl games, snow, hot chocolate. But the cons are NUMEROUS. Like, IT’S INSANELY FREAKING COLD. Everyone is depressed because the holidays are over. And my least-favorite of all the holidays (Valentine’s day) is in the winter. And IT’S INSANELY FREAKING COLD.  Cold weather = FAIL.

In my house (and, uh, Mike’s house by default) we follow the good ol’ fashioned calendar. That means, Halloween decorations go up October 1st. Thanksgiving decorations go up November 1st. And Christmas decorations, Christmas music, and Christmas spirit can come out to play the day after Thanksgiving. Why is this so novel these days?

Seriously, I really do love Christmas. I love turning on the radio and hearing Christmas songs 24 hours a day. Rudolph and Frosty cartoons. I love singing Christmas songs. When Maddie was in the NICU, I sang her Christmas carols constantly. I can’t wait to sing her those songs again. AFTER THANKSGIVING.

Why do we have to rush things? Why can’t we just enjoy each day as it comes? Why can’t I watch It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown without a Christmas commercial. Why can’t we just eat pumpkin pie every day of October and November while it’s still socially acceptable to eat several delicious pies every week, smothered in whipped cream? Mmmmmmmm…..whipped cream and pie….

I sometimes think that by the time Madeline is my age, Christmas will be celebrated 365 days a year. I think that’s terrible. And if that makes me a Grinch, then I’ve got garlic in my soul.

PS go read my other post! Do it! DO IT! I promise you’ll laugh.