Annabel has had a bit of a cough and some sniffles for the last week or so. Nothing big – it really seemed more like allergies, especially since my allergies were also acting up this week. But on Friday, the sick hit the fan in the form a deep chesty cough, a fever, and puke. And not like, coughing that leads to puking, but one of those can’t-keep-anything-down situations annnnnnd she just so happened to also have a terrible cough. A two for one! It’s been an exhausting weekend.

Fevers always put me on edge, but respiratory issues push me over. Maddie never got fevers but obviously had lots of respiratory issues. When Annie gets a fever, her pulse quickens and her respiratory rate elevates. Mike and I are constantly having to remind ourselves that Annie is strong and healthy and congestion isn’t as dangerous to her as it was to her sister. Still, it’s hard, especially this week.

Also, WHY do kids ALWAYS get sick on the weekends when the pediatrician isn’t in the office?! GAH.

Annie was very out of sorts, and still is, although she seems to be slowly moving back towards her usual self. I knew something was up when she asked to lay down with me, and then only wanted to snuggle. Normally she’s the kind of kid that can play through anything, but not this time. When she started throwing up I selfishly panicked a little over the possibility that I might catch her bug (because I obviously need to throw up more like I need a hole in my head), but she needed both of us so I just had to get over it.

I hate when Annie is sick (and I will never brag about making it through cold and flu season unscathed again), but in a way, it was nice to slow down, stay in, and just focus on caring for her. She just wanted to be held and cuddled, and I spent a lot of time trying to bring her temperature down with cool wipes and compresses. Holding her against me reminded me so much of when she was a baby, especially since little miss “I do it myself!” really wants her mommy and daddy to do everything for her when she is sick.

Soon I’ll have another little baby that needs me to do everything, and while it’s exciting, it’s also a bit sad. My heart has already made room for more than one child, but it’s going to be a new experience having more than one at home. I want Annie to get better soon, but I want to hold onto her just a little bit longer.

cute sickie feels a bit better
Smiling even when she’s sick.