Santa brought me and the kids the stomach flu. James came down with it first, although we didn’t realize it at the time because he is a) always happy, and b) always drooling. The excessive drool has been known to cause him to choke/barf, so when he had a rough night leading into Christmas (including tossing his cookies on Mike in the wee hours), we assumed it was just teething. But he threw up twice more, and he slept the majority of Christmas day. Luckily, he had the mildest case.

I came down with it, very powerfully, on Christmas Evening. Luckily everyone had gone home, because friends, it was rough. Soooooo rough. Like, if I even shifted my weight while laying down I became nauseated and had to throw up. We all know I’m a professional puker, so you can believe me when I say OMG so bad. It really solidified that whole, “no more babies” thing!

At around one in the morning it became clear to Mike that I was seriously ill, and he emailed my parents to see if they could help me the next morning. He knew I was going to be in no shape to care for the kids, and he had to go to work. THANK GOODNESS my parents were able to come help…especially because Annabel started throwing up around 8am.

So what I’m saying is the days since Christmas have not been some of my favorites.

I feel like the three of us have turned a corner and we’ll be back at full-power soon. While Annie and I were recuperating on the couch, we spent a lot of time looking at the pictures my cousin took of the family on Christmas morning. Despite not being himself, James still had a lovely first Christmas, and Annie and I agree that the pictures of him opening presents are our favorites…especially these:

James opens presents on Christmas morning

Annie says, “Look at his cutie face!”

delicious bows!

Eating paper, because that is a baby’s job on Christmas.

This...did not taste like I expected!!!

“This did not taste like I expected, you guys!”

put his leg up for more leverage

He took present unwrapping very seriously. Here, he went up on one knee for extra leverage.

getting help from big sister, none too pleased

Annie came over to help him, and as you can see, he was none too pleased.

Oh Snap

This picture makes me laugh for hours.

More about Christmas tomorrow…after I get another dozen hours of sleep. Thanks for the flu, Santa.