If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time you’re probably gathered that we Spohrs like costumes. Our family and friends know this well. In fact, costumes are the go-to gift for any of us when it’s a holiday/birthday/etc. For my baby shower, I received a bunch of cute little costumes for James. But really, who can resist a tiny baby costume? No one. No one can resist a tiny baby costume.

We aren’t Elf on the Shelf people. Well, I should clarify – we HAVE the elf on the shelf, but we don’t do anything creative with it. I set an alarm to move it every night, and that’s it. We are, however, James on the Shelf people. What’s James on the Shelf? It’s this:


Last month, my mom surprised us with a little elf costume for James. I opened it and was like, “Oh, this costume is too cute to only wear once or twice.” I took some pictures of him in it and jokingly called them “James on the Shelf.” When I showed the pictures to Annie she said,

“Mama, is the James on the Shelf going to come every day?”

When you have a baby like James, how can you not take pictures of him in ridiculous costumes? A lot of people ask me how I get him to smile – it’s easy! I just smile at him first. Seriously, that’s it. The kid is a smiling fool.


I know someday James is going to be like, “Really, Mom? Really?” But honestly…how can I resist?!?!?!




I love that little elf!

Edit: You can see all the James on the Shelf pictures on Instagram.