I made a concerted effort to stay off my computer and blackberry this weekend, and it went pretty well. There were times, though, that I found myself reflexively digging through my purse, looking for the red blinking light of my blackberry. I’ll take “signs you’re hopelessly addicted to the internet” for $500, Alex. I’m glad it’s Sunday night and my self-imposed internet exile is over.

We had a very busy weekend. Friday night we had a friend’s 30th birthday party at a cool spot on the beach in Santa Monica. We brought Maddie, who was a little overwhelmed by all the people at first. She wasn’t quite herself, most likely because she was tired. Maddie has been on a sleep strike lately. She just will NOT sleep. We’ll put her in her crib during her nap times, and she’ll lay there the entire time, playing with her feet and babbling. So, you’d probably think that no nap during the day would totally exhaust an 8 1/2 month old to the point that she’d sleep a lot at night, right? But NO. She has been waking up every two hours. NOT OK. Can I grind up a sleeping pill and put it in her bottle?

Saturday my friends Leigh and Kim came to meet Maddie. Leigh lives in New York City and Kim lives in San Francisco. We had a blast catching up, and they cracked me up with how eager they were to hold Maddie, feed her, change her clothes, etc. I want them around all the time! They were in town for our friend (and my former roommate) Bella’s baby shower. Bella is due to have a boy in six weeks, a little boy they are affectionately calling “Tres” (three in Spanish) because he is named after his father and grandfather. And I know I said I wouldn’t ever do it again, but I caved.

Diaper Cake for Tres

The shower was lots of fun, and then I got to come home to Mike, Maddie and Rigby! We had a bit of quiet time – and quiet time means Mike and I tried to nap while Maddie laid in between us, kicking and babbling. Then Mike’s parents came over to take us to dinner. They’re in town for a couple of days to visit. I will let Mike tell the stories of his mom, and believe me, there are stories. We walked to a nice restaurant only a few blocks from our house. We’d pushed Maddie in a stroller, but lack of space dictated that the stroller be put in the back. I realized I’d forgotten to grab Maddie’s bottle out of the basket in the bottom, so Mike went to get it. When he came back, his eyes were wide. He lowered his voice to the tiniest whisper and said to me,

“Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart are at the table behind us!”

Instead of turning around, I said, “is her kid there?” He looked at me and shook his head. “Of course that’s the first thing you’d ask me.” Well, I wanted to know! I was a little self-conscious about bringing Maddie to a nice steak joint, but I felt better knowing that her kid was there! After he answered in the affirmative, I turned slightly and saw Indiana Jones smiling at me…okay, he was smiling at Calista, but since she and I were sitting back to back, he was smiling right in my general direction.

We didn’t tell Mike’s parents about the celebs until after they left. And even then, his mom wanted to get up and run after them. I almost wish that had happened, but considering Mike had forbidden me to take a picture (something about being horribly embarrassed), his mom running after Harrison Ford probably would have sent poor Mike into shock.

I know everyone is waiting with baited breathe to find out how Jackie! is, so I’ll give the quick update. She went home to her parents’ house on Friday. I know, can you believe it? Only four nights in the hospital after BRAIN SURGERY. It blows my mind, I could have stayed in the hospital longer after my C-Section! She has to take pills seven times a day and she has an incredible 57 staples in her head. They’ll be removed on August 11th, when she meets with her oncologist. That’s when she’ll get the pathology report on turk the tumor. Until then, she is resting and healing, and getting waited on hand and foot by her parents and siblings. I can’t wait to go visit her.

jackie lounging