Mike has been pretty stressed out over Annie possibly developing tics like him. Even though this time it looks like she was just imitating him, it really made him realize that our kids might have to deal with tics just like he does. I barely noticed Mike’s tics when we were dating, and now that we’ve been together for over eleven years, I never see them – they’re just a tiny part of the man I love. But, even though I tell him not to, he feels a lot of guilt – like it’s his fault the kids might develop tics, which is ridiculous.

I’ve been trying to cheer him up, with limited success. Then yesterday while Annie, James, and I were shopping, we came across the perfect thing:

DIY Fold Over Elastic Headbands
Daddy, shall we dance?

When I told Annie what it said, she replied, “Oh Mommy, we have to get that so I can wear it and dance with my daddy and hold him soooooo tight.”

A little before bedtime, Annie and I snuck away and she put on the new nightgown. Then she walked up to where Mike was sitting, tapped his arm, and said, “Daddy, will you dance with me?”

I wish I’d taken a picture of Mike’s face when he took her all in. He scooped her up and they started dancing.

dancing wth Daddy

dancing with daddy

dancing with daddy
Annabel insisted on this role reversal.

They danced until well-past her bedtime. It was just a simple nightgown, but it made both of them so happy.