Annie had a few Halloween events, but as you all know, she had plenty of costumes to wear. For the big night, though, I pulled a few outfits from her closet and asked her which one she wanted to wear. “Punkin punkin punkin punnnnnnkinnnnnnnn!” Pumpkin it was.

emo pumpkin is emo

You wouldn’t know it from that picture, but she was actually excited about it. She even said, “Punkin hat!” I wasn’t going to even attempt it. Fashion Annie must wear accessories!

We posed before Trick or Treating:

Mommy and Punkin Annie

Annie and Daddy

She eventually showed some excitement:

mommy and annie

It was probably thanks to my cape.

My mom came over to hand out candy so Mike and I could take Annie trick or treating to a few houses.

out for candy

Off we went!

We arrived at the first house, our next-door neighbors on the left.

trick or treating

There are no pictures of her getting candy because when the door opened she flipped out and I had to stop her from running into the street.

We tried again, across the street from our house:

trying one more time

And again…no pictures, because she ran for the hills when the door opened. Sigh. We decided to take her over to Jacket’s house to show her off (NOT to trick or treat)…and we were greeted with a sign taped to the door that said they were out of town. Aw man!

Meanwhile, things were busy at our house, probably because they heard we had glow sticks.

tons of kids at our house

Since Annie wasn’t loving going to random houses, we took her back to our house to trick or treat from Gramma.

trick or treating at our house

It was then we discovered the only two things Annie wanted to do:

1. Steal candy (luckily she couldn’t open it)

helping herself

2. See other kids.

She went INSANE for all the kids that came to our door. Every time the doorbell rang, she shrieked and squealed and screamed “more kids!” The older kids loved having a little pumpkin greet them at the door.

Hi big kids

When they left, she’d yell, “Where you going?” or “Come back kids!” She would often try to run after them.

hey kids, where you goin'?

She got to the point where all she wanted to do was walk around outside yelling, “Hi kids! HIIIIII!” Since someone (Mike) let her eat a mini kit-kat, she needed to work off that sugar. We took turns walking her up the street.

walking off the sugar

All that walking paid off – for us. She sat down for a moment next to Mike, and she was done.

passed out, done.

She slept through the last trick or treaters.

one tired pumpkin

Sweet little pumpkin.