It’s my birthday today! I am now thirty two years old.

I really wanted to throw myself a Super Sweet 16(2) party (OMG I just made a math joke!) in our new backyard, but since the house fell through that is now at the wayside. That’s fine. I have decided I will still throw myself a birthday party whenever we DO eventually get a house, and it’s going to be crazy, with ponies and a band and a new car.

OK not really. I just want to have an over the top Super Sweet 16 party like they have on MTV. Instead I’ll put out beer and homemade nachos. Everybody wins! Except the ponies. Poor, poor ponies.

I have decided (after all of your fun suggestions) that this is the year of Thirty DO. I am going to try to step outside my comfort zone more. I’m not going to be such a lazy homebody on my couch. Some of the things I plan to DO this year:

  • I am actually going to *GASP* cook and bake more. FOR REALS Mike. I already cooked last week – I made spaghetti sauce from scratch. This is big for me.
  • I will find a better house than the one we almost bought. I have to believe that or I will never get the heart to look again.
  • I want to get Annie in dance classes. Girl has MOVES.
  • I need to be better about exercise.
  • Go out more with my friends. It’s hard to make time for friends when you’re a mom. I need to put my friendships first sometimes.

This list is subject to change. Hee hee.

Thirty two is going to be a good year for me. But I have to do my part to make sure it’s good. Hold me to it!!