This weekend Annie and her friend Austin had their pictures taken with the Easter Bunny. Austin is 16 months old, the same age Maddie was last year when she flat-out refused to get her picture taken with the Bunny, so his mom Leslie and I were prepared for him to flip out. He’d freaked when he met Santa, so there was a precedent. To our surprise, Austin looooooved the Easter Bunny. He couldn’t get enough time with it. Kids are riddles wrapped in enigmas slathered in secret sauce.

Luckily, we knew Annie wouldn’t be scared of the Bunny since she, you know, has no idea what’s going on. I just wanted her eyes to be open in the picture. I spent most of our time in line singing her the “Wake Up, Gramma Is About To Spend Money On A Life Experience” song.

Oh Annie Beeeeeeee!
Stop catching Zeeeeees!
Grammy’s spending money
to see the Easter Bunny
so wake up, dammit.

When it was Annabel’s turn, I got her situated on the Easter Bunny’s lap and the photographer started snapping away. We got a really cute one:

And then it ate her.

She is just so cute and balding and squishy!

Annie’s Gramma is rollin’ in dolla bills, and sprang for the “deluxe” package, which included a copy of the picture on a flash drive. When we got home I loaded the picture file into my computer and it popped up on my screen full-size. And I saw something really scary:

I don’t know what made me laugh harder – that I could see the face of the girl inside, or that she was smiling for the picture.

Which Bunny is creepier? The face-within-a-face Easter Bunny that Annie and Austin visited, or the stoned and lecherous Bunny that baby Maddie saw (when she was too little to refuse)?

Easter Bunny

Because, obviously, they are both creepy.